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CanNeed-TT-200 Torque Tester

1. Powerful display interface
1.1 Highly accurate measurement: The accuracy of CanNeed-TT-200 is up to ± 0.5 % of the full scale, while the accuracy of other common torque testers is ± 1%.
1.2 Able to display the measuring and calculating the average, mini. and max. values at the same time.
1.3 The users can shift various units : Kgf.cm / Inch.lbs / daN.cm / N.cm / N.m
1.4 Adopt rechargeable lithium battery and display the remaining power
1.5 Able to set any alarming values
1.6 Clearly record: the operator “OP”, the product “PR”, the line number “LB”, the lot number “NL”
1.7 Able to define the thresholds values: very low “T. BAS”, low “BAS”; normal “OK”, high “HAUT”; very high “T. HAUT”

2. Simple calibration device
Professional two-in-one calibration device CanNeed-TT-CAL is available, simple and easy to calibrate at any time in any places.

3. Powerful data output
CanNeed-TT-200 was equipped with 2 standard RS 232 ports. One is used for PC, while the other is used for mini printer.

4. User-friendly fixture design
4.1 Adjustable cassette-type fixture, applicable for bottles with vavious dimensions and shapes.
4.2 Cassette-type fixture can be changed to be other special clamps to test special bottles.
4.3 With large screws to clamp the screw rods, it is quick and easy to install and clamp.
4.4 The two newly added guide poles can effectively balance the guide bar, making the measurement more accurate.
4.5 Quick clamp for cassette-type fixture, to accurately and quickly change the samples.
1) Quickly install the clam   2) Adjust the position of the fixture   3) Quickly change the samples   4) Quickly clamp  the samples

5. Water-proof design
Unique maze-type water-proof gap, effectively prevent the water.

Technical Parameter

  •  Measuring range A : from 00.00 to 99.00 inch.Lbs
  •  In High-accuracy mode: from 0.000 to 4.500 inch.Lbs
  •  Accuracy:± 0.5 % of the full scale
  •  Units available : Kgf.cm / Inch.lbs / daN.cm / N.cm / N.m
  •  Power: 220V, 50Hz

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