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CanNeed-PWTG-1000 PET Bottle and Preform Wall Thickness Gauge

Thickness distribution and external dimensions are important parameters for plastic containers and directly place an effect on the strength of plastic containers, CO2 and O2 penetrability, pressure endurance, vacuum resistance ability ,as well as vertical load characteristic.

Thickness distribution and external dimensions will also effect normal operation in filling production
line and caps’ seal integrity.

1. External diameters measurement for PET bottles
-Can obtain the bottle profile dimensions automatically, and corresponds to the actual positions, to realize visual programming.
-Be able to set up arbitrary testing points at any heights.
-To inspect the external bottle diameter and height by one-button, visual displaying.
2. Wall thickness measurement by arbitrary points
-Visual setting test points from the bottle profile, be able to inspect arbitrary points on the bottle wall.
-Auto rotate a circle for all the thickness points, to obtain the thickness values from 500 points at the current height, the maximum, minimum and average values will be automated displayed
directly on the screen.
-Users can double-click any thickness points, to not only review a round thickness value chart, but also check all the wall thickness values of the bottle.


1. Can both measure the wall thickness and bottle size
2. Non-contact measuring way
3. Simple and quick operation
4. Automatic measurement
5. SPC data management and output

Technical Parameter

Checking item PET bottles and preform wall thickness and the external dimensions
Measuring range 0~2mm
Accuracy 0.02mm
Max. measuring dimension 2.5L PET bottle
Dimensions L750 x W65 x H1200 mm

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