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The CanNeed-WOM-4C Welding Overlap Monitor

The CanNeed-WOM-4C Welding Overlap Monitor is used to measure the length and thickness of side seam welding overlap. It’s equipped with the most advanced optical system and Golden LensTM, which ensured the high image Definition.


  • Measurement results and images saved in the data base management system. Convenience for overview and recheck
  • Various statistics charts analyze the products quality automatically.
  • User-defined Report, adapting to your own requirement
  • Image which has been saved can be re-measured anytime.
  • Data can be stored as an Excel file.
  • Predefine various qualification standards, auto judge and warn whether the results are qualified in every measure
  • Measurement results and label lines mark directly on the image, results will also display in corresponding field on the screen
  • The overlap image and data can be saved and print out, convenient for communicating with the production department or manufacturers, sample cans are no need to be kept
  • Provided with calibration piece, calibrate at any time

Technical Parameter

  • Resolution: 0.001mm, Accuracy: 0.01mm, Magnification times: 60X or 100X.
  • 2 parameters can be measured: Length of Welding Overlap and Thickness of Welding Overlap.

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