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CanNeed-CMT-300 Mobility/Lubricity Tester for Cans (Digital)

CanNeed-CMT-300 Mobility / Lubricity Tester for Cans is for measuring the coefficient of sliding friction of can body and bottom. It can also measure the coefficient of sliding friction of blanks.

Install the corresponding clamp and place the sample on the clamp, then put the bob-weight unit on the sample. Pull the bob-weight and the indicator will display the coefficient of sliding friction.


  • Large screen with big font, capacitive touch button
  • Automatically capture real-time, maximum, minimum and average values
  • Quick switching the clamps
  • Measure can body, can bottom and blanks
  • Motor driving
  • Electric controlled sliding speed
  • Level adjustable

Technical Parameter

  • Friction range : 0.0-0.50
    ● Resolution  : 0.001
    ● Interface : RS-232
    ● Power supply  : 220V/50Hz
    ● Dimensions  : L560 x W250 xH330 mm

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