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CanNeed-CLT-600 CanNeed-CLT-600 Leak Tester for can

Place the sample can into the platen, and then add a certain pressue to the can. Observer the can body to see whether there are bubbles come out. If bubbles come out from the can body constantly, that means the sample can leaks. It can test the cans of different diameters and heights without changing the clamp.

The operators can stir the controling handle to make the pneumatic up-and-down device quickly and automatically place the sample can into the water and take it away from the water.

When it is under pressurizing, the operators can remote the sample can at 360 degree to observe the can top, can bottom, can body and welding line. 

Technical Parameter

Max. testing pressure

: 0.4Mpa

Max. sample diameters

: 130mm

Max. sample heights

: 300mm (can be customized)

Water platen dimensions:

: L1500 x W600 x H500 mm


: L1500 x W800 xH800 mm

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