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Seam-X®-On-line X-Ray Full Automatic Seam Scanner(non-destructive)

Measure Items: Seam Length, Body Hook, End Hook, Overlap, %Overlap, Seam Gap, %Body Hook Butting, and %End Hook Butting.
It’s applicable to measure cans of various materials. Combination of can body and the end can be following: (1) Aluminum & Aluminum; (2) Tin & Tin.

Seam-X®-On-Line can work together with the seam thickness gauge and countersink gauge, to make up a complete measure system for the double seam.
If configured with identification sampling system, it can make the result of every can correspond to the related seamer head.


●  Non destructive measurement, avoid waste samples
●  Non destructive measurement, better for environmental protection and save the cost of sewage treatment
●  High speed and high sampling frequency, reduce the isolation inferior
●  Auto & on-line measurement, labor saving and avoid human error
●  Improve sampling frequency, reduce quality risk and win consumer confidence
●  Cost saved annually turns into profit After the payback period
●  Able to track the seamer head corresponding to the inferior
●  It is used for on-site inspection of the production line, fast and efficient, high sampling frequency, and reduce the segregation of defective products
●  360° fully scanning
●  Auto judge passed or failed, and auto reject unqualified products 
●  Outstanding repeatability and reproducibility (R&R)
●  Comply with safety criteria of X-ray radiation protection, certified by the third party (0.08mSV/year)
●  Safe operation to avoid injury result from cutting method
●  Suitable for cans of various sizes and specification
●  Welding identifying function for 3-piece cans (Cost optional)
●  Measure data can be stored in SPC automatically

Technical Parameter:

Sample materials Combination of can body and the end: (1) Aluminum & Aluminum; (2) Tin & Tin
Sample sizes Diameter: 200 (50mm)-211 (67 mm); Height: ≤168mm
Measure items Seam Dimension: Seam Length, Body Hook, End Hook, Overlap, %Overlap, Seam Gap, %Body Hook Butting, %End Hook Butting
Unit Inch, mm
Language English & Chinese
Accuracy +/- 0.01 mm
Resolution 0.001 mm
Data output Ethernet, ASCII, TXT, SQL, DBI
Power supply 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Air Supply 0.4-0.6MPa
Dimensions L1400 x W1500 x H2000mm
Weight Approx. 2000kg

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