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CanNeed-SM-24 Electric Belt Drive Seamer

1. Small size, can be a lab desktop using.
2. Seam the cans automatically, just place the can onto the holder, push down the handle, the motor will drive to finish the seaming itself.
3. The cam curve automatically controls the matching between the rolling cans and compaction of the roller, so that to get the perfect seam structure.
4. The seam structure is adjustable, operator can adjust the body hook length, overlap rate, seam thickness, etc., the adjusted structure will be stable and not affected by the operators.
5. The whole seaming process takes only about 15 seconds.

Technical Parameter:

Sample can dia.  : 200 - 404  (diameter 50 - 108mm)
Max. can height  : 127 mm (higher by ordering)
Sample type  : beverage and food cans
(The seamer is applicable to only one (1) type of can and end when ex-factory, should multi-can types be applied, please indicate when enquiring.)
Power supply : 230V/50Hz
Dimensions  : 390 x 350 x 800 mm
Weight : 35 kg

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