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CanNeed-EPS-100 End Profile System

The inaccuracy of end dimensions usually cause to such double seam defects as fault sealing, bearing cover and false sealing and so on. It is hard to measure the profile dimensions of ends without EPS-100.

EPS-100 takes the place of destruction measuring methods. The destruction measuring methods are not only inaccurate and time-consuming, but also get different results because of different operators. Adopting precise optics measuring technology, EPS-100 can measure all important parameters of ends.


●  Define the end curl parameters!
●  Quick measurement!
●  High accuracy!
●  Non-contact and non-destructive measurement!
●  Non-destructive end curl width measurement!
●  Able to measure some parameters which were hard to gain before, e.g., end curl width and end curl radius. 
●  Provide report

Technical Parameter:

● Optics resolution : 0.01mm or better
● End diameter range : 48mm-250mm
● Max. end countersink depth : 4.5mm

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