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CanNeed-CSS-2000 Seam Saw

CanNeed-CSS-2000 Seam Saw  is a special unit  to cut  the cans with double seam for inspection. Sample moving  platform  is  assembled on  linear  rail with  precise  cutting effect  to ensure  that  cutting image is very clear when inspecting the seam quality with CanNeed Seam Sight automatic seam monitor. Linear rail  for can moving  is  installed  to make  the perfect  linear cutting. Configured with extreme hard blade, it is durable and enables the cutting clear without burrs.

Technical Parameter:

Sample can dia. : 45-260 mm (Bigger by ordering)
Sample type : 2- and 3-piece cans, Aerosol cans
Saw blades : 80 x 22 x 0.5 mm
Speed : approx. 1,000 r/min.
Power supply : 200 V
Power : 100 W

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