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CanNeed-PDO-100 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

CanNeed-PDO-100 is designed for at-line and laboratory use in small and midsize breweries as well as in the beverage industry to provide excellent reliability in a rugged design, and purpose built to handle the environmental extremes encountered in everyday brewing operations. Superior performance at an affordable price is achieved using the best in class optical DO sensor with built-in intelligence, making PDO-100 the brewer’s best friend. Portable DO Measurement: CanNeed-PDO-100 can be used as shown in the pictures and even beyond. Even if Beverly stays connected to a pipe or a vessel while CIP is running its robust stainless steel flow cell prevents damage.

Technical Parameter(DO)

Measuring Range: 4 ppb - 25 ppm 

Measurement Principle: Fluorimetric method
Protection Classification: IP 67
Operating Temperature: 0–80°C
Pressure Range: 0 – 10 bar
Dimensions (B x W x H): 222×142×322 mm

Ordering Information:
CanNeed-PDO-100, Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter
PDO-sen, PDO Sensor
PDO-cap, Electrode cap for optical DO sensor
PDO Hoses

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