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CanNeed-CAN-7001/7002 CO2 Tester and Pressure Tester

Instead of energy-consuming pressing-down piercing mode, the machine adopts lifting-up piercing mode, making the operation more convenient and energy-saving. The machine is simple in structure and convenient in application. Equipped with a pressure manometer of high accuracy and a thermometer of standard, it can ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. If used together with IAM-30 Air Meter, it can test CO2 content as well as the air Content.

Technical Parameter

Pressure measuring range:0.6 Mpa,  Resolution: 0.01Mpa
Temperature measuring range: 0-50℃,  Resolution: 0.1℃
Sample capacity:
Height: CAN-7001, max. 330mm
             CAN-7002, max. 410mm
Bottom Diameter: CAN-7001, max. 102mm
                              CAN-7002, max. 115mm
(Larger by ordering)

Dimension: 200mm (W) x 130mm (D) x 400mm (H)
Weight : 2kg
* IAM-30 Air Meter (please order for option)
Air content Measure range: 0-30ml
Resolution: 0.05ml.

Photo presentation