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CanNeed PTT-400 Pop & Tear Tester

CanNeed PTT-400 Pop & Tear Tester was developed for testing different kinds of easy open ends. It can measure the Pop & Tear force, ring rotary force and ring detaching force.

Applicable to various types of ends, here to be shown 7 types: RP / SOT / EO / OVAL / FSE / SNAP and ALUFIX. It’s also suitable for sample ends from types of 113 to 603 (round ends). Oval or rectangular ends needs customized clamp for test. Oval ends diameter or longer length of rectangular should not be longer than 163 mm.


●Industry Standard
●Optional for CND_Track analyzing software.
●Simple operation
●RS-232 Communications Capability, can export data to SPC.
●PLC touch-screen control system, Auto data collection.
●High accuracy
●Calibration function, convenience for calibrating.
●No need the air source

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