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CanNeed-MDER-C2 Multi-station Digital Enamel Rater for Cans

CanNeed-MDER-C2 is used to measure the coverage, the compactness and the electric current value of the enamel coating inside the food and beverage cans. The contents will erode the metallic material and affect the quality and storage of products if the enamel coating inside the cans is not integrated. The machine adopted semi-automatic technology, more efficient and more effectively reducing the human errors. CanNeed-MDER-C2 is the standard of can making industry.


●2-station & Semi Automatic Control
●Quick and Easy changing the clamp
●There is a covered case added at the machine bottom to collect the wasted liquid, prevent pollution from the liquid dropping of the probe.
●Able to measure integrity of internal coating of the end if it is connected to end panel holder

Technical Parameter

1) Testing current range: 0-500mA;
2) Working environment temperature: 10-50oC;
3) Accuracy: 0.1A;
4) Able to support L and R testing channels;
5) Able to support automatic testing mode and manual testing mode;
6) Indicator lights show the connection situation of the bottoms and the pins;
7) Able to connect to printer;
8) With RS232 data output interface for data transmitting to SPC;

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